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I feel like I spend a good majority of my time sitting thinking about songs I love, then I write about them here and hope some of you might listen. Whilst I absolutely love doing this, I just wanted to write something about the songs that I never would have heard if it wasn't for other people. So this, then, is a big big thank you to every single person that's given me a little gift wrapped in the form of a recommendation. I have an absolute ton of these, and would sit writing about them all day if I could, but that would detract from the point itself - I just really want you to listen to them. I did at some point and fell in love, so maybe you will too?

It's difficult to know where to start with this one, to be honest, as I can really clearly remember hearing Kings of Leon as a kid and not really knowing who they were but wanting that song on again and again. It was 'I Want You', off their 2008 album 'Only By The Night', its so oddly calming and I'm not really sure why. My sister played it in the car, and from then on I seemed to hear it all the time. I always sort of forget I'm a big Kings of Leon fan, I grew up with them on all the time so it didn't seem like something I actively liked, just something I was super familiar with. I went through a bit of a love-hate relationship with them, when I was younger I wanted to find stuff I liked for myself, which I'm grateful for, but for that I somehow thought I needed to move away from the stuff I knew. Then I got back into them when 'WALLS' came out and realised that 'Muchacho' could sum up how I was feeling when I didn't really know myself. Big thanks to my sister on that one anyway, never realised she was cool until I grew up a bit.

I feel like it would be wrong to write this post and not mention the moment I discovered Wolf Alice. Much to my dismay, it was only in the past two years and although the song I'll mention is one of their most popular ones, it means a ton to me. Everything they do is great, but you just can't beat 'bros'. I remember in summer I went to my best pal's house, and she played it. There was no build up, no tense moment where she announced 'this will be the song that makes you think of me for the rest of your life', nothing to imply it would even matter, but it did. I loved it, so much, that I went home and listened to it all night. I thought it would be one of those songs that I'd listen to a few times, love, and then eventually become tired or bored with it. nope. Next time I saw her we were messing around with our guitars and did what was probably a very terrible tribute to it, but we didn't care at all, it was fun. One of those days where you really belly laugh with somebody. From then on it just became this unspoken thing, we'd play it everywhere, blasting it with the windows down in the car, playing it quietly when one of us was upset, it just became a song that made us think of each other.

I didn't think I'd write as much as I have, and there'll obviously be a playlist made with all the song recommendations I've received that I've loved, so maybe I should try and keep this short. My brother has shaped my music taste in so many ways that he loves to mention, but I always deny. From him, I found Vulfpeck, Kamasi Washington, Beach house, Khruangbin and more. So, in the most stubborn way I can muster, I'll thank him on this post instead of in person. Unfortunately he's cool and it brings me terrible dismay to have to admit that, but thanks Joe, for some pretty great songs.

Playlist will be linked in my insta shortly (@charmrambler), and thank you as always!

Charl :)

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