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It's easy to say I'm lucky

Yet again, I had a completely different idea for what this post was going to be written about. I was going to (and will at some point) write about artists who have influenced each other. Then, I remembered that it's Paul McCartney's birthday today, so I feel I sort of have to write a post about one of the bands that shaped my music taste so much.

This post will probably be frustrating for some, as it won't be written in a way that could ever fully satisfy what I mean when I say The Beatles are a massive source of love and comfort for me. I can't sit and recite every lyric they've ever written, or say I love them more than any other band, none of that. What I can and will do, is talk about what they mean to me, my own personal love affair with them and why, on the days the world feels a bit heavy, I get a little bit better knowing that they're there. I can actually remember the first time I became aware of the wonderful song that is 'Blackbird.' My Uncle, unfortunately, is one of those men who would undoubtedly whip out a guitar at a party, or a campfire, that sort of thing. He's very brilliant, intelligent, kind and one of my favourite people in the world, but as a seven year old girl there's only so many times you can hear 'Hey there Delilah' before you decide it's time for bed. On one of those nights, I was all set to pretend to be tired, then I heard the introduction to 'Blackbird', and I just fell a little bit in love. It seemed so complicated and yet so delicate that I couldn't wrap my head around the actual words, I just loved the sound so much. It's silly, really, recalling these moments, but it's something that always stuck with me and I didn't really say anything. I just listened, in awe, hoping one day I might be able to play that lovely song that made me stay and listen.

Then, he played all of The Beatles' hits, 'Here Comes The Sun', that sort of thing. Again, its tricky to describe a song that, when I hear it, just makes me think of a really warm, humid day in summer. One of those days where you don't expect it to be hot, but you wake up, get hit with it and end up having a spontaneous beach day with your friends. That sort of thing. I titled this 'It's easy to say I'm lucky' because it is, really. I'm incredibly lucky, in a lot of ways, but when it came to music I was never discouraged. Blackbird was one of the first songs I learnt to play on guitar, and the next time I saw my Uncle after learning it, I played it to him, giddy, trying to keep my cool. The truth of it is I was so unbelievably proud of myself, I didn't have a lot of confidence in my abilities as a kid, and I really proved something to myself. The Beatles are one of those bands that obviously have wonderful and incredible songs, but are also really great in the fact a lot of people have made so many incredible memories, with them as their soundtrack. I am lucky, massively, I watched my Uncle restring my guitar when I realised I'd accidentally bought a left handed one, have a family who will (if a little reluctantly) listen to me if I'm super proud of something I've come up with. I haven't even really talked a lot about the music itself, which is probably why I love them so much. To me, it's more than just background music, it's singing badly in a car, or drunk in a pub late at night, the shouting of 'na na na na' at a party where 'Hey Jude' seems never ending. The small, warm memories that make you feel slightly better about the world. For that, it's very easy, for me anyway, to say I'm lucky.

Thanks for reading, playlist will be up on my spotify shortly,

Charl :)

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