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Songs to make you feel good:

So, we're a bit further along into lockdown, and it can be very challenging to feel motivated, to have any energy at all, really. I wanted to write something uplifting, that might be an incentive for you to get up and go. The uncertainty of this situation can be frightening, and the most important thing is that we're doing what we can to take care of ourselves. If that's baking, sewing, something work based or lazing in bed, then that's okay. I think it's dangerous and destructive to promote an idea where you have to productive all the time. Sometimes, the world feels a little heavier, and you should absolutely not feel guilty for dealing with that in a way that suits you. Moreover, I think everybody just wants to feel some sense of stability, I can't offer you a way out but I can give you a list of artists that never fail to perk me up. Have a listen if you fancy:

When I asked my friends who made them feel good, the most common answer was Lizzo. I couldn't agree more, she's bold, powerful and an absolute talent. I just think she's electric, her energy is beyond infectious and she's such a positive woman that it's hard to not have a little grin when you listen to her. I really love her song 'soulmate', which is all about her journey to loving herself properly. Aside from her actual music, I just think she's a really important person to have in the industry. She's incredibly strong, give her a listen and you'll see what I mean - powerful, an absolute force of talent. Hearing her publicly speak about mental health issues has always been something I really admire about her, her honesty over what it means to be low and the acceptance that that's okay is so important for vulnerable people to listen to. For that, her album 'Cuz I Love You' is definitely a qualifier for this list.

As a general rule, Tom Misch has to be involved in some way. I'm including his album 'Geography' for this one, but honestly I find everything he does makes me feel better. He's an absolute force of talent that should not go unnoticed. Recently, he's been posting some Quarantine sessions on youtube which are well worth the watch if you need something to be seriously impressed by. Check out the podcast 'Are We Live' if you want to stop listening to me and see for yourself, it's Tom Misch, Alfa Mist, Barnie Artist and Jordan Rakei - it's well worth the watch. I think the thing with Misch for me is that, no matter how i'm feeling, i'll always end up catching myself nodding along to whatever it is he's doing.

It feels somehow wrong to mention Tom Misch and not mention Loyle Carner, and to be honest I don't put him in the category of uplifting. I think he's more of a comfort, not always upbeat, but there's an honesty which just makes you feel, for a short time anyway, that everything will be okay. It's nice to hear his voice, he's a very candid artist and isn't afraid to speak up about how he feels. I won't talk much on him for this, but he's nice when you just want to listen, to be impressed and not feel forced to get up. He's a serious talent, more of a poet in my opinion, and he also goes above and beyond for people who are struggling. His cooking programme, Chili Con Carner, was created for teenagers who have ADHD. It's just nice to see someone using their fame to make the world a little bit of a better place.

In terms of classics, I feel anything ABBA makes me feel better. There's literally nothing more to say, listen to ABBA if you need to feel okay again. It's difficult to write this because there's so many I want to include, so many, and I've just briefly mentioned a few. To be honest, I think you should go easy on yourself, put a bit of Aretha on, or Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, TLC, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, The Temptations, Beyonce, the list could go on for a very long time. I'll link a playlist to this post so you that you don't have to read anymore.

Cheers for reading, and take care of yourself!

Charl :)

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